A Stack of Qualified Librarians 

Saturday 9th September 2017

Left to right ... Callum Binns, Qwenton McKenzie, Timothy Bradfield, Darcy Nevill, Rylan Urquhart, Jasper Jin, Jack Murphy and Gary Yeo (absent are Anton Parker, Fergus Parks, William Hubbard, Alex Hopgood and Max Hudson).

New Librarians
New Librarians

What do you call a group of librarians? Some of the suggestions from the boys include: 

A stack of librarians
A collection of librarians
A catalogue of librarians
A shush of librarians
A volume of librarians

That all sounds pretty boring to me, which our student librarians are not.  How about 'a buzz of Librarians'? Whatever you call them, our recent batch of 14 boys, have completed their badge work and are as keen as mustard and twice as helpful.  Congratulations boys, not only are you the best-dressed boys in the school, you are also great fun to have in the library.

Pam Garry
Library Manager