Mathematics and Athletics Combine!!

Tuesday 30th March 2021

The senior OMAthalon competition was held last Thursday at Logan Park High School. This is a “pub quiz” style mathematics competition for the seniors. It can involve names of famous mathematicians, letters from the Greek alphabet, prime numbers less than 200 and general mathematical problem-solving.

The Year 11 team started off well – winning the first round comfortably and then placing 6th overall. The Year 12 team were not so lucky, but still ended up being placed a commendable 9th.

The Junior OMAthalon competition was held last night. We had several teams entered in all year groups from 7 – 10. Seeing some very excited and competitive students involved in mathematics and running was great.

Congratulations to all boys who participated in the competition and special mention to the following teams.


Year 7 – 3rd

Roger Zhang, Nick La, Tarn Elder and Luke OBrien

Year 10 – 1st= (tie breaker 2nd)

Ryan Zhou, Adrian Prasath, Noah McCoubrey and Charles Reid