Thursday 1st June 2023

A Bookworm's Delight!

Calling all book lovers! Did you know that the bookstall is one of the most popular stalls at the John McGlashan School Fete? In 2022, the stall earned a whopping $3,645, making it the second-highest-earning stall on the day. And guess what? The bookstall team is back again in 2023, ready to wow you with a fantastic collection of books!

The bookstall is a treasure trove of literary gems, where you can find everything from cookbooks to biographies, and novels to children's books. And the best part? Almost all books are priced at just $2 each - a steal for hours of entertainment!

But how do they manage to collect such a diverse range of books? It's all thanks to the generous donations from the school community - clearly, there are a lot of avid readers with connections to the school. Also, with so many families with teenagers who have grown out of children's books, it’s a great opportunity to purchase some amazing kids' books.

Last year Nicky Aldridge-Masters (convenor), Sarah Carr, Lou Ashton, and Dave McNab, worked hard to get the books ready for the sale. According to Nicky, the bookstall was lucky to have a generous collection of books on offer after a two-year hiatus. And boy, did they have some real bargains up for grabs!

As Nicky says, the secret to running a good bookstall is banana boxes - perfect for displaying the books and easy for a quick pack-up at the end of the day. The sorting of the books by volunteers over weekends prior to the fete also made all the difference in setting up the stall on Friday afternoon. And with the Regent book sale team on hand to remove the books at the end of the Fete, the team could relax and enjoy the day knowing that everything would be taken care of.

But it's not just about the books - it's about the cause. JMC Fetes have raised over $540,000 since 2013 to support improved education, social and wellbeing activities, sports and recreation, and arts and culture for our boys and their school. And with your ongoing support, they can continue to make a difference.

Mark your calendars – this year’s Fete is on Saturday 9 September. The non-uniform day for book donations is on Friday 9 June, but you can start dropping books and other items into the Fete Garage (next to the boarding hostel) from 1 June. And if you're interested in signing up as a Fete volunteer (including for the bookstall), sponsor, or donor, be sure to contact the team at Let's make this year's Fete the best one yet!