The International Department

Monday 26th March 2018

Introducing the department and the people.

Cross country - a very new experience for all our international students!
Cross country - a very new experience for all our international students!

Over the last few years, there have been a lot of changes in the international department - our international student body has increased, and they are all bringing their own country's culture to our community. Students are making connections with each other, learning about each other's culture in a more personal way and provide experiences for each other, here in New Zealand by inviting an international student to their houses and internationally by visiting their country in the holidays. 

Seeing this develop over the last few years is encouraging and shows that our philosophy of inclusion and learning is working. The International Department has worked hard to create opportunities, like the annual ski trip, an overnight excursion through the Doubtful Sound, international social events as well as expectations such as involvement in extracurricular activities and service to the school.

The international department, while it very much relies on and appreciates the support from all staff in the school, consists of three members and I would like to introduce their roles in a little more detail below. 

Richard Mountain - International Dean/ESOL teacher
Richard looks after the students and their academic pathways in the school. He teaches English to our international students and supports them in their other subjects through specific tutoring in and outside the school, is involved in their career pathways as well as their extracurricular involvement. 
Kathryn Temple - International Student Manager 
Kathryn looks after all accommodation needs of our students and the pastoral care that comes with this huge role. She also covers all the administration to do with visa, police vetting and looks after our short-term guests like the recently departed group of Japanese students from Ichikawa Gakuen High Schoool. 
Anna Noble - Director of International Students
Anna leads the International Department as well as marketing John McGlashan College internationally. This involves holding the relationships with agents and agencies and travelling overseas as well as developing the marketing material relevant to the target countries. 

This year we are looking forward to our international student body sharing more of their own culture with our domestic students and educate us about their lives back home, from the big differences and similarities to the little funny or strange experiences that hopefully make their time here at John McGlashan College an unforgettable one and them part of our big and always growing international family.  

International social - an opportunity to connect with students from other schools. 
Year 10 camp - a challenge our international students rise to every year!
Falling in love with New Zealand - Doubtful Sound!
Ice skating - a first for a lot of students from overseas!