JMCTC - it's time to hit the hills!

Thursday 7th April 2022

As one of the many activities that have been impacted by restrictions this year, the JMC Tramping Club is heading back out!

JMC Tramping Club
JMC Tramping Club

The JMC Tramping Club (affectionally known as JMCTC) is a wide and diverse group of students (and parents) who enjoy the opportunity to get away into nature with great company and outstanding conversation. 

It provides a chance to see hidden away places that are not easily accessible and to take on a physical challenge in the process.

JMCTC - Humpridge (Day 1) — Image by: Donna Smith

In week 8, a group of experienced members had hoped to get away to Mt Somers for a multi-day tramp. Unfortunately, this was postponed due to illness. There are plans afoot to get this underway early in Term 2.

Kepler 2.0 - We crossed the ridge — Image by: Rachel Stowell

For new members who might be interested in joining, we are open to any student from Year 9 to Year 13. No experience is required to join the day tramps (anywhere from 8-25km). However, to attend a multi-day hike (as a new member) you must have completed some of the day tramps.

JMCTC - Borland Lodge to Mt Burns — Image by: Donna Smith

Attendance at all events is not compulsory. You can choose to attend those activities that interest you or fit your schedule.

At the end of the year (approximately 9-13 Dec) we will run a large multi-day tramp - destination still to be determined.

JMCTC - Borland to Green Lake — Image by: Donna Smith

In 2021, a group of 28 students, parents, and staff spent four days in Fiordland, based at Borland Lodge. We undertook 3 very different day tramps in the area.

For our  2020 end-of-year event, we took on the Hump Ridge.

JMCTC - Borland to Green Lake Hut — Image by: Donna Smith

Information on upcoming events will be posted in the school notices.

If this is something you think you might be interested in, please reach out to any of the members of the Tramping Club, or see Mrs Smith or Mr Cartright.