Boarding House Wild Foods Dinner

Tuesday 11th August 2015

I was delighted to receive an invitation to attend my first ever Carnivores Dinner AKA Wild Foods Dinner, in the dining hall with the Boarders last month.

Wild foods dinner
Wild foods dinner

So I borrowed a mates swanie and gummies to disguise my dress down Friday clerical outfit (in case I had to say grace) and turned up in time to be ushered into the dining hall. The place was appropriately decorated, as were the lads.

The meal was amazing. An entre of garlic bread and chops (enough to feed an army) was put before us. No plates just a quick grace and into it. Amazing.. This was followed by some items from the lads, including singing and dancing, country calendar on steroids and shearing gangs, shearing what looked like sheep but I’m sure they were year 10 boys.

Then the mains, duck, venison, lamb, rabbit and I think I saw a roasted pumpkin. Fantastic food and on plate as well….

This was all washed down by the best ever apple crumble.

Thank you to kitchen crew, thank you to the lads for the invite. I really appreciated the invite to your place.

An observation….. boarding parents… you can be proud of your boys. I actually envy much of what I observe here as Chaplain with regards to the boarding community. In them, we have so much to be thankful for and proud of.

Rev Barry Kelk Chaplain.

Shearing at wild food dinner
Meat was the staple at the Wild Foods Dinner. 
Wild food dinner entertainment
Wild food dinner entertainment