Thursday 20th June 2019

It was another great International Food Day on the 14th of June.

Chinese Delicacies
Chinese Delicacies

All Year 13 International Students, the International Prefects and International Staff had several meetings for preparing International Food Day, and I think it went even better than we expected. We made a lot of different kinds of food such as Paella (Spanish), Okonomiyaki (Japanese), Ma Duan (Chinese) and more, along with the help of several John McGlashan College International families. Before and during serving the food, there was a Haka which was organised by Mr Price and a flash mob dance which was organised by Ms Lucas. They were both exciting, and the vibe in the whole chapel rose.

There were about 280 students plus staff attending the International Food Day. Last year, we had 150 students come and enjoy the day, but this year, there were about 130 students (and staff) more. This means that many students and staff in John McGlashan College are getting more exposure to our food and culture. This makes us really glad and is a pleasure to us.

We are looking forward to growing the International Food day in the future and would like to see more different kinds of food and cultures represented so students and staff would learn new things and enjoy them. Our goal for next year would be to have more than 300 students and staff in attendance at our International Food Day.

Paella — Image by: Tony Gomez
Okonomiyake — Image by: Tony Gomez
International Food Day in action — Image by: Tony Gomez

We also had some great entertainment going on during the food festival. We had Mrs Hall, and a few students show off some Karate skills on the backstage. We also had over a hundred Spanish (and some German) students doing the 5 minute “Spanish Dance”, which was amazing but kind of hilarious at the same time. The highlight for the entertainment is the music performances. They were in all sorts of styles, Rock, Western Classical, Chinese classical, Japanese Classical and some jazz improvisation at the end, which really showcased different cultures.