Thursday 7th April 2022

We are observing that when boys are recovering from COVID there is significant variation from one boy to the next. Recovery is unpredictable and we need to take a conservative approach to physical activities.

As we come to the end of summer sports and look forward to our winter codes, we wanted to communicate some information to help boys and their families as boys return to play sports after having COVID 19.

Some of the major codes have held off having trials and will be using some pre-arranged pre-season games as trial games.

The winter season will be long and boys need to think about whether pushing themselves too early could be detrimental to their whole season. With the holidays coming up it could be a good time for boys to slowly ease their way into training.

We are very conscious of boys who have actually had COVID 19 rushing back into training or games. Parents/caregivers and boys will need to monitor this very closely, and we ask for honest feedback to teachers in charge, coaches, and managers regarding boys' health.

The attached document is a guide recommended by medical practitioners about physical activity that was distributed by Basketball Otago. The following link is a New Zealand Rugby Union return to play guideline

If you have any further questions please ask


Troy Jennings (Director of Sports)

Tony Gomez (Sports Co-ordinator)