Friday 20th October 2023

Blues are the top recognition for sports within our school. They're given to students who are incredibly skilled in their chosen sport. At our school, a Sports Blue isn't just given away; you have to earn it by being excellent and achieving great things in sports. Our students are really dedicated to their sports. 85% of boys at McGlashan play a sport, and they play three sports each. Otago is the top province in NZ with 62% participation, and the National average is about 50% participation. To get a Sports Blue, students must be very good at their sport and show that they're committed, not just now and then, but all the time. It's not just for participating; it's for being truly awesome at your sport. Some of the criteria for picking who gets Sporting Blues are being in a first team for at least two years, representing Otago in regional teams and medals in South Island or National sports events. Service to sports is also important because boys cannot play without dedicated students coaching teams or refereeing. It's important to know that getting a Sports Blue isn't automatic, even if you meet the minimum rules. It's not for just being around for a long time; it's a big deal, and we give it to the people who really deserve it. As we celebrate amazing sports here, let's remember how important the Sports Blue is at John McGlashan College. It shows that our students are incredible at sports and that they work really hard. It's the highest honour we can give them. Congratulations to all the students who have earned this special award, and keep on inspiring us with your sports talent.

Summer Sports Blues

Seb Ferro Athletics

Millar McElrea Athletics

Mason Gain Cricket

Joe Devereux Kilpatrick. Cricket

Jonty Reily Cricket

Henry Scott Cricket

Liam Barron Cricket

Josh Grieve Cycling

Connor Howe Golf

Harvey O’Neil Golf

Haydn Finlay MTB

Noah Hamilton Rowing

Oliver Hamilton Rowing

Charlie Curran Rowing

Matt O’Meara Rowing

Henry Bowering Rowing

Aidan Seyb Rowing

Angus Loe Rowing

Serge Meeuws Rugby Leauge

Luca Bevin Service

Ewan Beadell Swimming

Alex Piebenga Touch

Nick Casey Touch

Max Hore Touch/Cricket

John Mengal Volleyball

Hamish McIntyre Volleyball

Theo Nicol Volleyball

Nic Hinton Volleyball

Tate Cameron Volleyball

Flynn McGuigan Waterpolo

Jacob Struthers Waterpolo

Winter Sports Blues

Alex Piebenga Bball

Angus Loe Hockey

Baxter Meder Hockey

Caleb Forde Bball

Cody Byck Ice Hockey

David Song Badminton

Emilio Ghosh-Novero Football

Fergus Millar Football

George Barker Football

George Holland Football

Harry Ryan Curling

Henry Cleaver Rugby

Henry Scott Rugby

Jacob Hall Football

Joe Devereux-Kilpatrick Bball

Liam Barron Rugby

Lucas Townsend Football

Luke Brown Small Bore Rifle Shooting

Max Brathwaite Hockey

Max Hore Rugby

Max Porter Service to Hockey

Max Simpson Ice Hockey

Millar McElrea Hockey

Nic Hinton Football

Nick Casey Hockey

Oakland Young Trapshooting

Oliver Bary Ice Hockey

Oliver Battrick Hockey

Sam Schell Hockey

Tate Cameron Bball

William Bary Ice Hockey