RUGBY SUPPORTERS and more bits n pieces.......

Tuesday 10th March 2015

The Double Decker bus has been a hit for getting crowds of 60+ off to the Highlanders games. We’ve met up with Columba at one event and aim to do the same with Tolcarne sometime soon.

Highlanders- here we come! Travelling in style.
Highlanders- here we come! Travelling in style.

3 home games in a row will hopefully put the season on track. For $10.00 – $12.00 lads are getting some of the best seats in any stadium in the world! And it includes transport.

Trap shooting sign ups are underway. Year 9’s usually join the B-Squad which is on random Sundays in Term 2 and 3. Boys should have their own gun if they wish to go on beyond the first 2-3 trial sessions.

 Looking ahead to duck shooting. Please be well aware that Saturday sports teams must be fielded (there will be some attempts to have mid-week games). Sports commitments must be a priority. (Lucky I have cover that weekend).

 ANZAC weekend is a 3 day weekend with the holiday now Mondayised. It is the end of the first week back. We expect sport to be on for most teams so the Boarding House will support that by staying open. If sport is not on you are welcome to take your boys for a long weekend.

 Mattress throw out! Does anyone want mattresses for a hut, shearers’ quarters or local Marae? We’ve got a heap to dispose of. They are in an unlocked garage near the Basketball hoop – please help yourself if here at Anniversary Weekend. We will be dumping them after that. 

Bikes The bike stand is full! If your son is using his bike then it is fine to keep it here. If not then please take it home. 

Highlanders- here we come! Travelling in style.