Physical Education and Health

Tuesday 26th February 2019

Plenty of action in Physical Education this year.

Send it Gus! Year 11 PE practicing boxing skills.
Send it Gus! Year 11 PE practicing boxing skills.

The weather has been outstanding (too hot for some boys!), the new multi purpose turf is up and running and the Davies Sport Centre is a hive of activity.

It has been great to see junior boys changed and ready to go in their PE uniform.  Remember there is no excuse for not bringing PE gear to school. If boys are injured we have a range of other activities they can do in the fitness room, rowing, weights, stretching, cycling or yoga.  We don't want boys missing out, so bring your gear regardless. 

Year 7 and 8 boys are busy with two PE periods as well as a motor skills session each week. This term motor skills is developing sprint training with resistance bands, continuous running and shuttles for endurance,  small ball throwing & catching, and strength and core training.

Year 9 and 10 PE classes have been making the most of the weather and have been out developing their athletics skills. The Year 10 Sport Performance class are in the start up phase of their weight training programmes and have been showing excellent focus.

Senior PE is also 'all go' as Year 11's have been trying a smorgasborg of 'alternative' sports ranging from tschoukball, ultimate frisbee and lacrosse to boxing and wheelchair basketball. In these boys are graded on their effort and engagement.

Year 12 students have just completed their first athletics assessment. Boys are able to build on this grade in  a cross-country duathlon, skiing/snowboarding or rock-climbing later in the year.

Year 13 students are well into their training program for the 3 Peaks race later in the term. Training for this can be a real challenge to fit in around sports and activities, however by doing a little training often can pay dividends come race day - Good luck boys and stick to the plan.

Year 11 PE
Year 11 PE wheelchair basketball.
Year 12 PE practicing their non-dominant tennis serve on the new multi purpose surface.
Josh Stevens, Year 11 PE, on the drive at Balmacewen Bowling Club.
Daniel Tucker Year 11 PE.
Wheelchair basketball with Year 11 PE
Ultimate frisbee with Year 11 PE.