Academic Pathways Survey and Conversations

Wednesday 10th June 2020

'...we are seeing promising numbers for IBDP, Agri-business and Gateway.'

We consider learning in Year 12 and 13 at the College to be a two-year programme of studies, be it studying in the International Diploma Programme, or NCEA. To that end, we asked the Year 11 students which of the four learning pathways would likely be their choice for Year 12 and Year 13 at the College. The pathways question was followed up this week with a 1-to-1 conversation to provide clarification of the four options available to them.

We are pleased with the level of interest and thought that the Year 11 students have had regarding their pathways for years 12 and 13. There are promising numbers for IBDP, Agri-business and Gateway and the students who have elected these pathways are very excited about their academic journey for their last two years at the College.

There are a few points to note: Agri-business has a maximum number of 12 students from John McGlashan College so it is important to note the pre-requisites and inform Dr. Craig Preston of your intentions. Gateway has restricted numbers too and also has an application process to be part of the programme. It will be important to talk with Ms. Flemming or Mr. Porter about Gateway as an option for 2021. There is no restriction on maximum numbers in the IBDP.

The survey was step one of a number of steps towards final subject choices for the current Year 11 students as they look towards their learning pathways at the College and ultimately a better understanding of possible career pathways too.

Some dates and events related to course and career planning to be aware of:

  • IBDP Information night for current Year 10 and Year 11 students and parents: 20th August
  • Current Year 10 NCEA subject sampler afternoon: Term 3 (date TBC)
  • Current Year 10 NCEA course and career interviews: Term 3 (date TBC)
  • Current Year 11 learning pathway, subject and career interviews: Term 4 (date TBC)
  • NCEA course selection evening, Agri-business & Gateway seminars: 29th October
  • NCEA course selection afternoon, Agri-business & Gateway seminars: 30th October
  • Current Year 12 and Year 13 career interviews: Term 3/4 (ongoing)

More information about our learning pathways can be found on our school website:





If you have any questions about learning pathways for Year 10-13, then please feel free to contact Mr Porter (