Wednesday 24th June 2020

'The conversations that happen beyond that red door are gold.'

My role as Chaplain divides between leading Chapel, teaching years 7 - 9 Christian Studies, and pastoral care. Chapel services also include leading some singing for 15 minutes before we transition to the short service. Students and staff alike seem to be able to move from raucous to reflective with ease.

During lockdown I kept the services going online. There are now 13 services on our website. These were uploaded every Wednesday morning.

It is great to be able to use the stage end of the Chapel as a classroom. The boys seem to feel at home there. A place where we can have deep and meaningful discussions about all sorts of issues. (including faith).

“If the red door is open Rev is in the school somewhere.” The boys (and staff) have heard that phrase so often. I am part of an amazing pastoral care team. We meet every week to monitor how your boys are doing. I work very closely with the counselor Daryl Shields. We are not precious about who gets involved as long as one of us does where needed. The team also includes senior management, the boarding directors, deans, special ed. coordinators, and the careers team. The conversations that happen beyond that red door are gold. Very privileged work.