Monday 3rd September 2018

This year, for the first time, languages week ended with the International Food Day.

On Friday 17th of August, we had a international food day in the chapel. There were so many different types of food from Japanese Teriyaki to Spanish paella, braised Kiwi venison shot by Gabe Ross, and cheesecake from Germany.  It was like a mix of food markets in the chapel, different stands for different countries with flags hanging behind them. There were also Chinese lanterns hanging above while international students played instruments sang in the background under the Nepalese prayer flags. Trevor Au from Hong Kong was doing Chinese martial arts with Mrs Hall and some Kiwi boys. The food and learning about different cultures was the focus of the day. Boys paid $6 for a ticket for entry, and got to choose 3 different dishes from different countries stands.

About 150 people attended the international food day which was pretty good for the first time we have held this event. Everyone enjoyed themselves, eating good food and learning about different cultures.

We look forward to this event again next year and would like to invite anyone to donate dishes from their cultures at the next international food day.