Chapel Service, mihi whakatau and welcome to new and returning students

Thursday 1st February 2024

Principal’s address to the students of 2024

Tristan Steenkamp and Odhran McNicholas at the Lake Ruataniwha rowing regatta in the holidays.
Tristan Steenkamp and Odhran McNicholas at the Lake Ruataniwha rowing regatta in the holidays.

A very warm McGlashan welcome to our new and returning students.

At John McGlashan College, we have a clear focus on maintaining our productive culture and getting the tone right.

We have about 120 new boys in years 7 and 9, including 30 or so new boarders. We make a determined effort to introduce you and your parents into our culture – a culture that we defend and uphold.

I have two grown-up boys of my own who attended this school. As a parent, I was deeply connected to what the future would hold for my boys. Would they have integrity? Be respectful? Show courage? Would they contribute to something bigger than themselves? John McGlashan College played a pivotal role in shaping their paths, influencing their friendships, guiding future careers and molding the men they have become. Your parents share the same hopes and dreams for each of you.

At McGlashan, we believe in creating a genuine environment where the expectations are clear and give you the opportunity to express yourselves in positive ways, no matter who you are. You have individual strengths, potential, and needs. We appreciate you for who you are and celebrate the diversity you bring to our school community. We want you to flourish, be happy and do well.

At McGlashan, we guide boys …. pick them up and dust them off when things go wrong. We put them back on the path and trust them to do the right thing. I have faith in your capacity to propel yourself through thick and thin, through good times and bad, to overcome challenges, enjoy triumphs and learn from life’s hurdles.

We have small class sizes, strong pastoral care systems, outstanding facilities, top-notch classroom resourcing and great students. But, we count our most valuable asset as the dedication of our expert staff. When promoting the college, I always emphasise that their care for our students is the cornerstone of what makes our school exceptional.

In 2024, I want you to feel well-supported, motivated and inspired to make a positive difference for the benefit of everyone. Together, we are the guardians of our culture and share the responsibility for getting it right.

To the new staff joining our team - John Veitch, Assistant Principal; Mike Brown, Chaplain and Christian Studies teacher; Jason Palmer, Te Anau Downs Operations Manager; Carole Gardiner, Library Manager; Samuel Ogden, Physics; and David Paul, English/Social Sciences—we welcome you to the McGlashan family.

John Veitch - Assistant Principal and Year 10 Dean — Image by: Tony Gomez
Mike Brown - Chaplain and Christian Studies — Image by: Tony Gomez
Jason Palmer - Te Anau Downs Operations Manager — Image by: Jason Palmer
Carole Gardiner - Library Manager — Image by: Tony Gomez
Sam Ogden - Physics — Image by: Tony Gomez
David Paul - English and Social Sciences — Image by: Tony Gomez