New 'Silent Band' Suite in the Music Department

Thursday 16th June 2022

Late last year, the Music Department was fortunate to receive an extremely generous amount of funding from the Parents and Friends Association.

This funding was used to develop a ‘Silent Band’ suite within the main classroom, to further develop performance music within the curriculum at John McGlashan College. At each of the 4 stations, there is a microphone, electronic piano, electronic drum-kit, guitar amp modeller, bass preamp, and a mixer with 5 pairs of headphones that allows everyone to hear the whole group playing together and quickly record themselves.

Due to COVID supply chain issues, it has taken until this week to have all of the equipment required to get things up and running. Now that things are all set up though, it has been used in classes for the first time this week and is already a popular destination at lunchtimes and breaks for our musicians and groups. The boys and I are incredibly excited for the opportunities it will provide for our Music students.

Come and check it out if you haven’t already, and thanks to everyone in the PFA for your support and generosity!