‘Being different can hurt, be resilient and come out the other side’

Thursday 21st June 2018

National Youth Leaders Day Presenter - Amanda Wilson ’ of Kaimanawa Horses.

The annual 'National Young Leaders Day' was again held at the Dunedin town hall earlier this month. Twenty-two young aspiring leaders from Year 7 and 8 were privileged to attend a very inspiring and motivating day. 

The students gained insights into the successful journeys of a number of young New Zealand leaders that have overcome hardship, pain, and or heartache to "come out the other side'. They learned key and important messages of not to be afraid to be different and stand out and never to not give up on their dreams.

Amanda Wilson, of 'Kaimanawa Horses',  passionately spoke of her pathway to success and how she had followed her dreams through ridicule during her earlier years. She stated that if she didn't have the mindset of not being afraid to be seen, and not letting others break her down had allowed her to stand out, be different and follow her dreams.

'You don't have to be good to start, but to be good, you have to start', 'Be who you are and follow what makes you, you. ' Amanda Wilson.

Robbie Fruean, Super Rugby player, spoke of how he enjoyed responsibility growing up and how he loved hard work. He encouraged the lads to be active in taking ownership of building their good character. Romanic fever has cut Robbie's rugby career short after three heart operations -he is an inspiration and I think was the surprise package of the event!

'Make sacrifices, work hard and enjoy hard work' Robbie Fruean.

Artist/Producer/Songwriter Vince Harder identified the importance of surrounding yourself with passionate people who support and encourage you. He understands that he is at his best when he is working together and listening to others around him. Vince performed 'Sugar Coated' his hit single and other tracks for the entertainment of the 1000 strong crowd.

'Take your passion and inspiration and turn it into action,' 'Sometimes success is helping others lead', Vince Harder.

Thank you to the lads for being such great role models at the event and we look forward to these guys and others leading the way into the future.

Kia Kaha.