JMCTC - Adventure Racing in the Hills

Thursday 4th May 2023

When you first hear the word 'rogaine' you may not immediately think of running multiple kilometres and climbing through the backcountry of Central Otago, but that is exactly what the Tramping Club have been up to.

The weekend of 28th April saw the first outing of the year for the Tramping Club. A collection of new excited members have joined the crew to undertake awesome experiences in the outdoors: with great people, excellent chat and breathtaking views.

Image by: Donna Smith

This first event was held on Bendigo Station which included wading through old gold mine tunnels, clambering up a gorge, and trekking through caves and up, through and over many gullies.

Image by: Donna Smith

One of the great things about regaining events is that they are usually held on private property which means you get a chance to explore areas of New Zealand that are generally inaccessible to the general public.

Image by: Donna Smith

Rogaining is an adventure racing sport that requires participants to set their own course to collect as many points as possible in a set number of hours. 

This time we had entries on the 3, 6 and 12-hour events. The 12-hour teams covered approximately 34km and climbed 2000 vertical meters across that time. The younger teams had the chance to practice and challenge their map reading, route planning and compass skills.

Image by: Donna Smith

There was a lot of great learning that came from this event, whether that be regarding nutrition and hydration for endurance eventing or which way round to hold your map - everyone took something out of the experience. 

Image by: Donna Smith


3hr Youth Event:

1st - Tommy Wilson and Finn McDonald

4th - Jonny Leitch, Annan Goldsmith and James Lawson

6hr Youth Event:

2nd - Will Harrex and Jed Crawford

3rd - Matt Sandford and Odhran McNicholas

12hr Open Men (19-39 yrs):

6th - Jack Sandford, Simon Tomkins and Harry Willis

Thanks to Vicky and Rex Sandford and Sarah Andrews for joining the boys on this adventure.

If a student is interested in being involved with the tramping club, they can see either Mrs Smith or Mr Cartwright.