Marty Banks visits the 2nd XV

Tuesday 25th July 2017

On a cold Wednesday at the end of Term 2, Marty Banks kindly came up to run a session with our 2nd XV.

The usual noise and 'chat' at practice ceased as soon as Marty joined the team. Any nerves the boys might have felt soon disappeared when he informed them that they wouldn't be doing any tackling drills, "as you all know I'm no good at that!"

He ran a really interesting session on making subtle changes to your passing technique to sped up ball delivery and then took the boys through a drill that showed them how the Highlanders make those split second passing decisions. It was great to see some of the 1st X players come watch, and even take some video to share with their team.

A big thank you to Jack McLaughlan's dad Paul for arranging the visit.