''Boys, I'm 'feeling sendy' " - Year 11 PE Camp

Thursday 16th May 2019

Thirty-four boys were 'sending it' on the PE camp in Naseby recently in excellent conditions that shattered some while others flew.

Sending it.
Sending it.

All the boys were eager and keen to get amongst the three days of mountain biking while camping in Naseby.  Focuses were on safe behaviours in the outdoors, technical ability on a mountain bike, and effort and engagement while on camp. 

Ready to ride - Naseby. — Image by: Tom Casey

Another part to the camp continued on from last year was our service element.  This involved the boys helping to clear scrub and move planks and posts for newly created bike tracks in the Naseby Forest.

Clearing the track - Naseby — Image by: Tom Casey
Track building - Naseby. — Image by: Tom Casey

 It was very pleasing to see all the boys happy to give their time to see the future development of this fantastic resource.  Overall, with very few injuries and boys making the most of their time, the camp was a huge success. Thanks must go to Alan Mawhinney, John Westgate, Sam Darling, Bailey Dowling and Adam Schell for giving up their time to help out with the camp. 

Tom Colbourne
Night ride - Year 11 PE Camp Naseby.
Ready to go - Naseby
Hepi Highway - Year 11 PE Camp