Go McGlashan – Read! It’s that time again

Thursday 12th March 2015

John McGlashan College will be running Go McGlashan – Read! from 16 – 27th March this year. Many of you will remember from previous years that it is a fundraiser with several objectives.

Firstly, it is an essential part of the Junior English programme in Years 7 – 10. It creates the opportunity for the boys to boost their reading mileage and hopefully broaden their reading experience. It also aims to encourage the students’ awareness of the needs of others. We feel it is important to encourage the boys to think about others in their community and this gives them an opportunity to take positive action. Last year we raised a fantastic $4800 for The Dunedin Night Shelter and our school library.

This year we have decided to give to the charity; The New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders. NZORD helps people affected by rare disorders and their families to find essential information and provides resources and information for rare disease support groups. As well as monitoring rare disease issues and policy matters and building partnerships between patients/families, support groups, clinicians, researchers, policy-makers and industry. One of the main accomplishments of NZORD is that it has supported many individuals without any other similarly affected New Zealand families to link with, and provided assistance and information to many support groups to build their organisation.

As we have had both staff and students effected by rare disorders, it is something close to our hearts.

It will also raise money for resources for the school library, which thanks to the superb efforts of librarian Pam Garry, and Linda Sizemore, is a place where the boys love to read and learn.

Go McGlashan – Read! works as follows. The students ask friends, neighbours, extended family (and no doubt yourself) to sponsor the reading they will do over the two week period. Sponsors promise either so much per hour or a lump sum. At the end, the record of reading is shown to the sponsors and the pledges are collected.

Go McGlashan – Read! is a great opportunity to develop and improve reading habits. Perhaps you might encourage your son’s participation by setting goals for and talking about your own reading during Go McGlashan – Read!

Thank you for your continued help and support.

Yours sincerely,

Angela Thomsen
Junior English HoD

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Rare Gems 
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