Yr 11 PE Camp – Naseby 2015

Tuesday 7th July 2015

 This camp is designed to test the boys mountain biking skill, their awareness of safety in the outdoors and the effort and engagement they put in. 

Taking a break on the Year 11 PE camp.
Taking a break on the Year 11 PE camp.

We cover three NCEA achievement standards this being a fantastic experience for novice to expert bikers. This year 22 boys went to Naseby along with Mr Cuthbert, myself and the highly skilled Hamish Burrows who was a great assistant with everything to do with mountain biking. We were also lucky enough to have the help of parents Tori Hope and Glenda Bruce.

The boys biked in two groups and covered most of the extensive tracks in the Naseby Forest. There were a couple of near misses, one being of Jacob Cotton not quite landing a jump and demolishing his bike in the process. This was caught on video. Otherwise the boys showed great effort and engagement even when they were feeling tired.

They completed a time trial on the final morning with Morgan Jones gaining the honours of being fastest overall and Toby McDonald the biggest improver.  

Tom Casey

Yr 11 PE ready to race.
Taking a break on the Year 11 PE camp.