Kia mau ki te tūmanako, te whakapono me te aroha. Hold fast to hope, faith and love.

Thursday 19th May 2022

Our vision at John McGlashan is to build foundations for life.  As important as all kinds of achievement is, we believe young men need character and substance.  They need to be reminded of their worth which isn't founded in how well they can do things.  This means we discuss and explore what it looks like to practice things like courage, humility, kindness and humility in our everyday lives.  It has been my privilege to step into the space of chaplaincy this year and join the amazing team caring for our young people.  Our special character permeates our school life—sometimes quite clearly, sometimes quietly—with the conviction that God cares about our wellbeing.  These are difficult times, times to hold onto faith, hope and love.  My door is always open to any student who wants to chat about anything.  Parents don't hesitate to get in touch—the door is always open to you too.  My email is