Tuesday 22nd August 2023

In a highly anticipated series of sporting events, John McGlashan College (JMC) and Waihi clashed in a thrilling Winter Exchange that showcased the determination, teamwork, and sportsmanship of young athletes.

The two schools, competing across various sports, exhibited their prowess on the field, court, and pitch, making the event a memorable and intense display of athletic excellence.

Basketball Triumph: The basketball court was a battleground for supremacy, as both teams fought valiantly for the title of king of the court. The JMC team emerged victorious with a convincing 46-22 win. Displaying skilful plays, solid teamwork, and unwavering determination, the JMC boys showcased their prowess in this exhilarating match.

Hockey Hardships: The hockey field saw a different narrative unfold. The Waihi team's finely tuned coordination and extensive practice over the winter months allowed them to secure a commanding 11-0 victory. Despite the challenging scoreline, the JMC players demonstrated resilience and unwavering commitment to the game, holding their heads high and playing their best until the final whistle.

Rugby Battle: The rugby field witnessed a closely contested match, with both teams displaying tenacity and passion. The Waihi team ultimately clinched victory with a final score of 42-27. The JMC lads defended with all their might and attacked the opposition's line with fervour, resulting in one of the closest score lines in recent years. Their spirited efforts showcased their dedication and love for the sport.

Football Flourish: On the football pitch, the JMC team showcased skill and finesse that led them to a triumphant 2-1 victory. Playing with passion and unity, the boys seamlessly worked together to find the back of the net and secure a well-deserved win. The victory was a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the camaraderie that fuelled their success.

Acknowledging Excellence: The success of the Winter Exchange would not have been possible without the dedication of the coaches who tirelessly worked to refine the boys' skills and foster teamwork. Their guidance and mentorship were pivotal in shaping the players' performances and achieving these remarkable results.

Gratitude to Host Families and Staff: The spirit of camaraderie extended beyond the field, as the families who billeted the Waihi boys played an essential role in fostering a sense of community and hospitality. Their generosity and support were invaluable in creating a welcoming environment for the visiting team, and their efforts were deeply appreciated by all. I also wanted to take this time to say a massive thank you to Mrs. Fleming, and Mr. Gomez in the Athletics department for organising such a great event, we are very grateful for the time and effort you have put into this.

The John McGlashan College vs. Waihi Winter Exchange encapsulated the essence of competitive sports—dedication, perseverance, and unity. Each match, whether won or lost, was a testament to the athletes' commitment to their respective sports and their schools.

As the final whistles blew, the participants walked away with a renewed sense of accomplishment, valuable experiences, and friendships forged through the shared love of sport.