Study leave and examination expectations

Sunday 31st October 2021

The final assessments for the year are around the corner. All students have been provided with study support and guidance including the following clear expectations.

  • NCEA Examinations start on 22 November (week 6)

  • Study leave starts on 11 November and continues throughout the examination period.

  • All students will have access to their teachers, or teachers within their subject area, during this time.

  • Students are encouraged to make contact with their teachers to arrange 1-1 tutorials from 11 November.

  • Teachers will reach out to individuals or groups of students to provide targeted tutorials.

  • There will be structured, timetabled tutorials available in the preceding 3-4 days before each examination. This will be on KAMAR.

  • Students who attend tutorials may come in non-uniform.

  • Students who elect to study in the library must be in uniform.

  • Students who elect to study anywhere else in the school (including upstairs in the ELC) may come in non-uniform.

  • Students will be in uniform when sitting examinations

  • Link examination study guide