Wednesday 29th April 2015

It is time to put on those thinking caps and start sharpening up some hypotheses as the 2015 McGlashan Science Fair is beginning to take form.

Year 8 and 9 are commencing the build up to the school science fair which will be held in week one of term three. By now students should be well on the way to designing their interesting and meaningful (and safe) investigation or invention.

This year there will be a trophy for best in fair, kindly donated by past teacher and water quality expert Andrew Innes. Boarders are strongly encouraged to be well prepared to complete experiments before or during the school holidays. Assistance will be made available at prep time.

Further information at (password is "seagull"). Some potential investigation questions to ponder:

  • Does stretching lead to lower 100M running times?
  • Do good luck charms work?
  • Does chewing gum really affect mouth pH?
  • Does milk in light proof bottles taste better?