“Rugby Players” Sculpture

Sunday 15th May 2016

“Rugby Players” is a sculpture by Hungarian sculptor Lazlo Racz and has been generously donated by the Innes family to John McGlashan College.

Lazlo Racz was Andrea Innes’s uncle; he emigrated to New Zealand in the mid-1960’s from Russia where he had been trained in a studio producing (among other sculptures) bronze busts of Lenin.

On Thursday 5 of May the Innes family along with several staff, representatives of the board and senior students gathered in the Edgar Learning Centre for an unveiling and dedication of this latest artwork to the McGlashan collection.

Mr. Garry talked about the growing collection of largely donated artwork in the college and the importance of this to the students learning and cultural environment as they progress through their years.

The board of proprietors was thanked for their generous donation to the cost of restoration of the sculpture, which was carried out with the expertise of old boy Hamish Garry, who holds a double degree in fine art and industrial design.

The sculpture is housed on the first floor of the E.L.C. under a protective perspex cover.

Rugby Players
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