Mufti Day Proceeds go to Hospital for Paralysed in Bangladesh

Sunday 14th May 2017

'Dear Richard, Many thanks for this email with the great news of the donation of 500 NZ dollars as a result of your school's mufti day.'    

Mr Mountain and Valerie Taylor, the founder of CRP (Centre for the Rehabilitation for the Paralysed)
Mr Mountain and Valerie Taylor, the founder of CRP (Centre for the Rehabilitation for the Paralysed)

We are so pleased to hear that you kindly gave a presentation at the school assembly - that's wonderful and we are very grateful indeed for this lovely surprise gift of financial support. Very best wishes and our warmest thanks to John McGlashan College for so kindly supporting CRP in this way.' - Valerie Taylor. 

 I recently went back to Bangladesh and visited CRP where I met Valerie Taylor again.  She went to Bangladesh in 1969 as a physiotherapist and was shocked to see that there was no care for paralysed people. 

She started the hospital in 1979. I last worked for her 16 years ago helping out as a volunteer in the occupational therapy ward, pressure sore dressing room, and the wheelchair basketball club.  Valerie has dedicated nearly 50 years of her life to helping these people. The hospital relies mainly on donations.  

The JMC student council is planning to promote our relationship with CRP.  If anyone would like to make a private donation to CRP, please contact Mr Mountain on  100% of donations go directly to the hospital to help those in need.

Patients are rehabilitated and are often employed at CRP.
Wheelchairs are custom built in the hospital for cerebral palsy patients.
A game of volleyball
This man is a teacher.  He was hit by a truck on the way home from school on his lunch break. 
Patients are rehabilitated by learning a skill. C
Lovely was run over by a tractor whilst asleep in the grass in her village.  
Lovely's cards are still for sale today.
Wheel Chair Basketball 
Cerebral Palsy Patient
Assembly presentation