Thursday 29th June 2023

Year 12 students joined Mainland Air at the Taieri Airfield to experience flight in these Cessna 152 aircraft.

G-force, banked turns and control surfaces were the big topics for conversation during this field trip. Our year 12 students applied their mechanics knowledge to the context of flight for their latest assessment. After some initial study in the classroom, each student had the opportunity to fully experience the concepts they had been studying. How would they feel when the aircraft increased the G-force on their body? When could they expect the aircraft to be at risk of a stall? And where is that control for the aileron?

As the students progressed through the day, each of them took a flight in the Cessna 152; Mainland Air's two seater training plane. Many students were given the opportunity to pilot the plane for a short time and benefit from tuition with their pilot. The Taieri plain put on an excellent day with clear skies and little wind. Perfect for comfortable flying and wide views. You may see a few of these boys piloting you with Air New Zealand in as little as four years. Thank you, Mainland Air for providing this experience and to the Otago Aero Club, for letting us use your facility. Photo credits to David Song.

Year 12 Physics students learning about the control surfaces on Mainland Air's Cessna 152