Supporting Learning -Tutorials

Sunday 14th February 2016

We have a range of opportunities available to support students to achieve academic success.

Below is the subject tutorial timetable for students in Y9-13:

Accounting & Economics                Rm 30   Mon-Fri Lunchtimes 

Biology - Thursdays                            Rm 9                 3.20-4pm

Chemistry - Wednesday                   Rm 8                 3.20-4.20pm

Digital Technology  - Thursdays   Rm 18               3.20-4.20pm

English  - Thursdays                            Rm 203 ELC  3.15-4pm

General Science - Wednesdays    Rm 204  ELC   3.20-4.20pm

German - Thursdays                           Rm 201   ELC   Lunch-time

History - Tuesdays                               Rm 205 ELC   3.20-4.20pm

Maths - Wednesdays                          Rm 2          3.20-4.20pm
                                                                         (starting Feb 24th )

Physics - Thursdays                             Rm 6     Lunch-time

Additional programmes: Senior Excel Tutoring Programme for Y9-13 students will be held on Mondays in Rm 205, 3.20 - 4.20pm.  Students need to bring  class work / homework that they are having trouble with and senior students will be available to assist them.

Junior Excel Tutoring Programme for students in Y7 & 8. This takes place during a lunch-time once a week and involves Y10 students who volunteer as tutors.  Each term of tutoring is based on a theme such as Maths Max, Knowledge Quest (research skills) or Writer's Workshop.  The number of students involved in this programme is dictated by the number of Y10 volunteers. Y7 & 8 teaching staff nominate students to be involved and then the students & their parents choose whether or not to take up the opportunity. Further information about this will follow once the Y7 & 8 students have had some more time to settle in.

Mathsbuddy On-Line Tutoring Resource: NZ Curriculum through to L3 NCEA.

All Y7 & 8 students will be allocated a log in for as this is part of their maths programme.

Students in Y9-13 can also be allocated a log in at a cost of $30 for the year. This is charged to your account. If your son would like a log in please email :  and use "Mathsbuddy" in the title of the email. The log in details will be emailed to them via their school email address.

No Brain Too Small Science Revision / Notes NCEA L1-3

This website is a useful supplementary resource for science.

It has notes and revision flashcards for students to print off.

There is also a tab for "Junior Science" resources. 

Quizlet -

This is an on-line revision tool. Students can create their own revision activities for topics or search for quizzes made by other people from around the world.