Wednesday 17th May 2023

The Chaplain's Log

Apparently, John Moschitta Jr. was the world's fastest talker for decades—he could say 583 words a minute!

This week has been "anti-bullying" week. In chapel however, we reflected that at JMC every week is anti-bullying week. Specifically, we spoke of a key aspect of the way we treat each other—what we say.

Jesus teaches us that what come out of our mouths comes from our hearts.  Watching what we say comes out of working on our inner attitudes.

One way we can make a difference is simply by staying silent when we are tempted to unload.  Helpful as this is, sometimes we also need to move from silence to active talk.  

So, this became the challenge: one of the most important tasks of a leader, a parent, or a friend—is focused praise and encouragement.

A key way we influence a family/community culture relates to the way we use praise and encouragement.  We want to shape an environment of self-respect and self-confidence for everyone.  Furthermore, praise is a deep spiritual message. We can think religion is just about faith in God. However, God’s love empowers us to have faith in people, for God’s image is in everyone—sometimes we have to take the time to discern it.

Empty praise is not so helpful, but in recognising the good in people and saying so, we can help bring people’s potential to fruition.  When we praise efforts rather than innate gifts it encourages growth.  Good talk can change lives. 

We don’t need to say 583 words a minute to be a person who uses careful praise to build up and empower.

As leaders, as whanāu, as friends, and as a student in a community—let us attend to our hearts and experience the power of good talk.