Languages Week 2018: Family Feud Cultural Style

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

The historic McGlashan Languages Week was revitalised with the new addition of a language and culture themed Family Feud game show, promptly grabbing the attention of the McGlashan community.

The winning team!
The winning team!

Teams representing different year groups were pitted against each other, answering a range of cultural questions that had been devised by a crack team of Year 12 language enthusiasts. The answers were supplied by 250 McGlashan boys who, responding by survey, covered vital questions, such as, “What would you do in North Korea”, or, “What is the length of the average New Zealand sausage roll”.

Students and teachers across the school quickly became enthralled in the action, with joyous cries and cheers echoing throughout the ELC. The daily showdowns soon became a much-anticipated occasion, with large crowds gathering and expanding with each round. The suspenseful twists and turns were complemented by the witty commentary of our Dai Henwood substitute: Charles Keenan. 

The fun kicked off on Monday with a thrilling duel between the Year 7/8 and Year 9 teams, with the latter taking the glory and punching their ticket to the grand finals. The following day, the final finalists were finalised as the Year 12/13s defeated the Year 10/11s. However, the Year 10/11s did not go home empty handed after claiming the third place hamper at the penultimate Family Feud showdown. The Year 7/8 team were also awarded a much desired, sturdy handshake for their commendable performance. For the last day of competition, a record number of spectators flocked to the library; eager to see which team would be crowned Family Feud Champions! It was a close match, but the valiant team of Year 9s ultimately prevailed. However, we can all agree that language was the real winner on the day.

Overall, the first Family Feud was a fantastic success and hopefully will make a return in years to come. Big thanks to Roy Feng and the rest of the setup crew for their superb effort of filming and livestreaming the Family Feud across the school. Additional thanks to the Year 12 language students who devised the competition, as well as Geoffrey Kemp, David Cannon, and Tim Scott who developed the on-screen questions and points while also managing the day to day running of the competition. Of course, it would not have been possible without the input and support of Frau Noble and Mrs Lucas.

Congratulations year 9 - well done!
The elaborate technology set up!
The winning team!
Year 7/8 team facing off against Year 9
The host in action!
Year 7 and 8 team focusing intently
It wasn't meant to be...
Year 9 looking confident...
Congratulations to the second placed team!
Both teams waiting for the next question.
Year 9 team facing Year 12/13 in the final...