Discover Fletcher's World: An Engaging Podcast on Otago Access Radio

Friday 27th October 2023

Welcome to the fascinating world of Fletcher's World - a fun podcast voiced by talented Year 10 student Fletcher Tilyard. Join us as we embark on a journey of music, cooking and entertainment on Otago Access Radio.

Fletcher's World on OAR 105.4 Dunedin
Fletcher's World on OAR 105.4 Dunedin

Fletcher's World is now in its third season and is available fortnightly on Fridays on Otago Access Radio (OAR)at 4.30 pm. It is definitely worth checking out!

What is Fletcher's World?

Fletcher's World is a podcast where Fletcher shares his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with a wide range of topics. From music, interviews and popular culture, to cooking and Tintin stories, Fletcher covers it all in an engaging and entertaining way.

Why is Fletcher's World worth listening to?

There are several reasons why Fletcher's World stands out from other run-of-the-mill podcasts:

  • Fresh Perspective: Being a Year 10 student, Fletcher offers a unique perspective on a range of various subjects, some of which are explored on his show. He is passionate about many topics, including radio history, rugby, Tintin, and most recently, the Disney TV series, 'Welcome to Wrexham'.
  • Variety: Fletcher features a different savoury or sweet recipe on his show every fortnight. Quite often the recipe is chosen by a special guest. All recipes can be located by following this link: In the Kitchen with Fletcher so they can easily be made at home. In the segment, Fletcher's Mixed Tape, Fletcher or special guests choose a favourite song for the segment and Fletcher unpacks the history around the song, before playing it on air. 
  • Entertaining Storytelling: Fletcher possesses excellent storytelling skills, which make his podcast episodes engaging from start to finish. He is amazing at providing lots of different and entertaining radio voices in his radio drama segment, Tintin stories. 
  • Genuine Passion: You can feel Fletcher's enthusiasm and passion for every topic he discusses. His genuine love for radio shines through in each episode.
Fletcher's promo for his latest episode — Image by: Kimberley Fridd

How can you listen to Fletcher's World?

Fletcher's World is available on Otago Access Radio (OAR), a community-based radio station that promotes local talent and a diverse range of voices. You can tune in to Fletcher's World on their website or download episodes to listen offline. 

Join the world of Fletcher

Whether you're a student, teacher, parent, or simply someone who just loves music, cooking and other entertaining topics, Fletcher's World offers a wonderful opportunity to explore a range of stuff in an engaging and accessible way. Make sure you check it out! 

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