Monday 12th August 2019

Michael Ellison (#7031, 2009-2015)

I was lucky enough to be chosen amongst a group of old boys to come back to McGlashan recently for a careers day and talk to some of the boys about Land Surveying. When I left school in 2015 I began studying towards a Bachelor of Surveying at Otago. I first heard about Surveying from Rachel Gardiner when she organised for a group of us to attend the ‘Day in the Life’ program at the University when I was in Year 13. I had a great time and decided to carry on with surveying as it was a good combination of Math and Physics which I enjoyed at school as well as practical skills and time in the outdoors which I am passionate about. I was excited to share my experiences with a number of students who were considering surveying as when I had been in a similar position I had struggled to find any recent leavers who had been through the course. I think Surveying is a great career path with a good variety of job opportunities around the world. Thanks again for having me back and I hope that some of those I spoke to choose to give it a go.