Sunday 11th February 2024

Next week will be the first fortnightly grades of the year.

Teachers will allocate a weekly effort* grade in each subject based on the following criteria:

* Level of engagement in class.

* Preparedness for learning.

* Completion of tasks and assignments.

5 = an outstanding effort

4 = working above the level that is expected in class

3 = working at the level that is expected in class

2 = working below the level that is expected in class

1 = poor behaviour or not completing work

As a rough guide we will start with a grade 3 (expected level) and if there are specific reasons for moving above or below then allocate a 2 or a 4 If a 1 or 5 needs to be allocated then there should be further follow up - ie contact with home, form teacher, dean for a Grade 1, or a "Purple Card" from the principal.

These effort grades will be recorded weekly.