Advent Chapel services in the gym.

Monday 18th November 2019

Advent, a season of preparation before Christmas, has been the feature of our 'gym Chapels' this month.


Advent services in a church setting are held the four Sundays before Christmas.  A time of preparation. We too have been having advent but it's been the last four Wednesdays of the term. Rev has introduced his four favourite Christmas characters. Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men so far.  For Rev, however, this year's Chapel in the gym, (the chapel has senior exams), has been extra special because of the lads in the header picture above.  The chap inserted is David Cannon 2019 chapel prefect. 

The others are members of the 2020 student leadership including head boy  Krishan Luxmanan. They are all on study leave and in the middle of exams. Yet, off their own bat, they have gotten up early, put on the uniform and turned up to support at junior Chapel. David, every week and the others to help with the singing.  What a gift.   Amazing!  Speaking of which, how about giving the gift of unsolicited time this Christmas. A little tricky to wrap but it's the gift that keeps on giving. It is an honour to teach your lads. Privileged work. Thank you. May God bless you and yours this advent season and on into Christmas. 
Peace  Rev. 

Merry Christmas