Rev. Barry Kelk; the new college Chaplain

Friday 20th March 2015

In Chapel, during week one, the Rev Barry Kelk was inducted as the College Chaplain.

Members of the Presbyterian Church leadership along with our colleges Principal and Head Prefect led the short service. Barry replaces the Rev Roly Scott who had been our Chaplain for nearly 20 years.

The College has also taken this opportunity to change the way it provides C.E. teaching and chaplaincy. C.E. is now taught by classroom teachers, Dr Jennifer MacLeod, Stewart McDonald, Bruce James and Dr Craig Preston.

Rev Kelk will be taking a more pastoral role along with the leading of Chapel and special services. He will be also supporting the C.E. teachers wherever possible.

Barry has a background in teaching and works part time for his wife’s photography business. He is the Minister at Highgate Presbyterian Church responsible for setting up, along with two other McGlashan families the B@tCH (Breakfast at the Coronation Hall) congregation 12 years ago.

He stood down as co-chaplain at Columba College and John McGlashan’s Board of Trustees Chairman in December in order to take up this position. He can be contacted on 027 3755315.

Rev. Barry Kelk - New John McGlashan College Chaplain.