Prefects 2022: Making a difference in our community...

Friday 3rd June 2022

Whilst most of our boys make a solid contribution to the College over the years the attend, our prefect's have ensured they are looking beyond the school gate to make a difference to our local community.

Over the past few years, our Prefect team have taken the initiative to make a contribution to the lives of the residents of Yvette Williams retirement village. This has been a joint effort with Columba College in which both prefect bodies have visited the amazing residents there, handed out Easter baskets and spent time gaining some useful advice from some people who have lived four to five times longer than the students have been alive! Sadly, the pandemic regulations prevented us from visiting this year, but some of the head prefects from both Colleges dropped off Easter baskets for the residents. We are grateful to Patagonia's who again made a sweet contribution to these baskets. 

Columba and some John McGlashan College Head Prefects deliver the Easter baskets to Yvette Williams Retirement Vilage — Image by: Craig Preston

Similarly, a large group of McGlashan prefects have become blood donors over the past two years regularly adding to the blood bank supplies to help those who urgently require blood due to accidents and emergency medical events. The hope is that later this year, other senior students will join the team in donating, and that the students will go on to become lifelong donors.

The vast majority of this year's prefect team donated blood earlier this year as stocks ran low. Another donation is planned for September. — Image by: Craig Preston

Martin Brook, our special character prefect, has recently met with Worldvision and registered our student body for participation in the annual 40-hour famine. A sponsored 'sacrifice' of any nature (cutting out food, not playing games or using a device etc) over the the weekend 1-3 July 2022 will raise funds to secure clean, running water for a portion of the billions of people worldwide who do not know what it is to open a tap in one's home and access drinking water. The team is thinking of ways to join in with this venture and lead by example as this space!