Inksters of the Week: Charles Reid and Harry McDonald

Tuesday 22nd February 2022

9NSM students share writing about some of their favourite things

Charles Reid:

Laika sits tranquill

In an open nondescript field

Stalking her free prey

Laika was sitting in a field when this picture was taken. I wasn't there to witness this sight (but my sister was! - she even took a picture). Laika’s name came from the first dog in space. The name in Russian means little bark, but at 3 AM when there’s a hedgehog outside that is not an accurate description.

Laika is a black Labrador Retriever, we got her a few years ago. She is adorable most of the time but she has her moments. Last night, she was barking at a hedgehog for a solid 45 minutes until she figured that it had already died of a ruptured eardrum and came back inside.

In conclusion my favourite place is wherever my dog is even though she is insane.

Harry McDonald:

The moment the boat enters the water I always feel a rush of excitement. The skis are already ready. I feel the hot sun beating down on me in my wetsuit. I need to go for a swim. As I dive in, cold water melts away the warmth from my wetsuit and I am quite cool.

I dip the ski into the water, preparing it for battle. As I put the ski on, I scan the water for other boats. No boats on the water. “Perfect” I think. I walk out with the ski on. Rope is flung to me. The boat slowly pulls away and I prepare for what comes next. Ropes tight. “Yep” I yell. The boat takes off, I am in my happy place.