Tup and Margaret Diack: Team McGlashan

Monday 18th November 2019

Tup Diack played 1 All Black test and 100+ matches for Otago but his biggest achievement was marrying the lovely Margaret Potter in 1954

Tupp Diack. Great McGlashan teacher and outstanding sportsman.
Tupp Diack. Great McGlashan teacher and outstanding sportsman.

I guess my path crossed with Tup Diack’s back in 1963 when I started at McGlashan. He had been there since 1961 and was destined to stay at McGlashan until he retired in 1988 – after 28 years! No surprise that in in 1963 he was the coach of both the 1st XV and the 1st X1.

There has been a lot written about Tup over the years, with some great articles in 2013, 2014 and 2015:

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June 2015 https://www.theroar.com.au/2015/06/10/a-beer-with-an-all-black-tuppy-diack/

While much is written of his rugby exploits there is always mention of his wife of 65 years Margaret, and the role she played in his career.

When he retired in 1988 the School magazine published a delightful article on Tup. "Many past and present students will remember the happy times at Mt Nicholas where Tup was one of the persons with a large input into the form 4 camps for many years."  As one staff member said 'We can never replace Tup, he is something special.'

I visited Tup in his St Clair home and spent a very pleasant afternoon with him and his friend Murray Guyton (grandfather of present Year 8 pupil Will Kara) talking about sport, grandchildren and hip replacements.  We decided that as sportsmen (not that I was in their league!) we were entitled to a few hip and knee injuries.  He also chuckled about having taught three generations from one family (the Beggs from Cromwell) - father, son and grandson. 

Their house is a treasure trove of sports memorabilia and it was a pleasure spending the afternoon with you Tup.  Thanks for the roles you played in my sporting and academic lives. You are still pretty sharp in your 90th year! 

Tupp Diack. Great McGlashan teacher and outstanding sportsman.