Year 9 and 10 Prepared Reading

Monday 29th August 2016

All around the school in recent weeks, Year 9 and 10 students have been bringing books to life for their peers by selecting a passage to present to the class. Their goal was two-fold; entertain your audience, and also make them want to read the whole book.

Year 9 Prepared Reading winner and judges
Year 9 Prepared Reading winner and judges

On Thursday and Friday last week the finals of the Year 9 and Year 10 Prepared Readings were held in the chapel. First up on Thursday were the Year 9s. Each class provided three representatives:

9MBR - Alex Parks, Keegan Hall, Lourenco Botafogo.

9RRA - Ben Monaghan, Tom Gold, Chris Denton.

9JCU - Nathan Dockerty, Jonathan Brook, Krishan Luxmanan.

9PMC - Jack Lundy, Dominic Morrison, Callum White.

After serious deliberations from judges Harrison Lawrence and Mr. Iain McGilchrist, the winners were:

1st - Krishan Luxmanan

2nd - Ben Monaghan

3rd - Lourenco Botafogo.

On Friday, it was the Year 10s turn. The finalists were; Nathan Harrison, Stewart Ashton, Cade McRae, Olivier Page, Neil Hutton, Adrian Crampton, Harrison Biggs, Zach Stalker, Max Gutry, Ezekiel Nielson, Geoffrey Bennani.

After some entertaining readings, judged by Ned Ennion-Dickson and Ms. Kimberley Fridd, the placings were as follows:

1st = Olivier Page and Nathan Harrison

2nd - Ben Porter

3rd - Stewart Ashton

A huge thank you to our Year 13 and staff judges who gave up their valuable time to help us out. Next up will be speeches.

Year 10 Prepared Reading winners
Year 9 Prepared Reading winner and judges