Year 9 and 10 Prepared Reading

Monday 29th August 2016

All around the school in recent weeks, Year 9 and 10 students have been bringing books to life for their peers by selecting a passage to present to the class. Their goal was two-fold; entertain your audience, and also make them want to read the whole book.

Year 9 Prepared Reading winner and judges
Year 9 Prepared Reading winner and judges

On Thursday and Friday last week the finals of the Year 9 and Year 10 Prepared Readings were held in the chapel. First up on Thursday were the Year 9s. Each class provided three representatives:

9MBR - Alex Parks, Keegan Hall, Lourenco Botafogo.

9RRA - Ben Monaghan, Tom Gold, Chris Denton.

9JCU - Nathan Dockerty, Jonathan Brook, Krishan Luxmanan.

9PMC - Jack Lundy, Dominic Morrison, Callum White.

After serious deliberations from judges Harrison Lawrence and Mr. Iain McGilchrist, the winners were:

1st - Krishan Luxmanan

2nd - Ben Monaghan

3rd - Lourenco Botafogo.

On Friday, it was the Year 10s turn. The finalists were; Nathan Harrison, Stewart Ashton, Cade McRae, Olivier Page, Neil Hutton, Adrian Crampton, Harrison Biggs, Zach Stalker, Max Gutry, Ezekiel Nielson, Geoffrey Bennani.

After some entertaining readings, judged by Ned Ennion-Dickson and Ms. Kimberley Fridd, the placings were as follows:

1st = Olivier Page and Nathan Harrison

2nd - Ben Porter

3rd - Stewart Ashton

A huge thank you to our Year 13 and staff judges who gave up their valuable time to help us out. Next up will be speeches.

Year 9 Prepared Reading winner and judges
Year 10 Prepared Reading winners