Year 8 and 9 German class... got ready for Easter

Friday 8th April 2016

Frohe Ostern! 

After getting to know some of the German Easter traditions like the Easter brunch or the big bonfire and the fire wheel, which are used to make sure that winter is banished for another year, the students made their own little Easter baskets which got filled with some delicious coloured `Schokoladeneier` (.... and eaten in a second :) The boys enjoyed the traditional German Eierlauf ( egg run) on a lovely sunny day which felt a bit like a spring day in Germany!  

German students making Easter baskets
Some brave speed here!
Change over is team work!
Who is going to win?
Mehr Eierlauf - more egg runs!
German student making Easter baskets
Final run? Maybe!
German students - looking at their own stunning work. 
Eierlauf - egg run (normally done with a raw egg)
Technique is everything!