A prayer from the vestry.   

Monday 27th November 2017

Gracious God,

advent... the weeks leading up to Christmas.... Your season.

So often we lose the reason and meaning because of all the other stresses and strains that so often fog our way.

God as we transition from the school term to summer break, may we give thanks for the year that has been, give thanks for the summer ahead and be mindful of You and that first Christmas in the midst.

For the lads who are coming back may they return with a spring in their stride.

For those who are moving on, help us to let them go and enable us to rejoice when we catch glimpses of great news of their adventure away...

E arhoaiti ana koe.

Let them know they are loved.

May there be blessed family times this summer.

May the Christmas peace fall upon us all.

In Jesus name I pray.