Monday 27th February 2017

Having already been awarded a Scholar's Tie at Level 1, or even made it into the illustrious "100 Club", this group of top scholars has continued to perform at the very highest academic level during their Year 12 courses.  

200 Club Recipients from 2016 IB & NCEA Level 2
200 Club Recipients from 2016 IB & NCEA Level 2

The jump in academic difficulty from Year 11 to Year 12 is widely considered to be the most significant of all your years at school.  Rather than being daunted by this, the group of scholars shown above, have taken that as a challenge.

While scholars ties are also awarded to Level 2 boys who gain an excellence endorsement, the 200 Club has a much higher entry requirement based on GPA's (Grade Point Average).  It is possible to gain an excellence endorsement (and hence a Scholar's Tie) with a GPA as low as 50.  The GPA cutoff for the 200 Club is 80.  By way of comparison, if a student gained a Merit for every single standard sat during the year, they would have a GPA of 66.  200 Club recipients therefore, are most definitely amongst our academic elite.

And special mention must go to James Anderson (Year 13 2016) who made it into our "300 Club" with an amazing GPA of 87 and 99 Excellence credits at Level 3!  These guys just keep on raising the bar.

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