Wednesday 9th March 2022

It has been a very busy first six weeks for the new year 9 crew.

Making the most of the sunny days
Making the most of the sunny days

With such a busy and eventful start to the term, it was not until Week 5 that the boys were able to experience a full uninterrupted week at college. We are now in the swing of daily and weekly routines and have enjoyed finding our rhythm for the term.

This week in our Year 9 Assembly, we discussed the ideas of 'intention, reputation, and integrity.'

No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all.
Integrity is everything.

The boys were faced with the question: When people think/talk about YEAR 9 2022, what words do you hope they would use?

They each contributed the words they would like to be associated with our year group and what their actions could be that would lead to achieving this. I was very impressed by their thoughtful response to this task. 

The words they selected will now form our Year 9 Logo for the year and serve as a constant reminder of who we are striving to be.

Year 9 Logo — Image by: Donna Smith

The first Dean's Awards were presented this week. These are awarded on a monthly basis and are given to students who are identified as really making the most of their opportunities, striving to achieve well, and taking care of and supporting their mates. 

The following students received the first awards for 2022:


For being a leader in the class, kind to others, great effort with his schoolwork, and having a positive attitude.


For exhibiting everything that we expect from our Year 9 cohort. Humble in his work, he strives for excellence everywhere. He's always willing to help others, always keen for a laugh and his Current Events tasks are outstanding. Stellar effort to start the year!


For making a positive start to the year and taking on each challenge with determination and grit. A quiet, conscientious, supportive, and thoughtful member of 9DSM.


For sneakily working up to second place in the MVP points in a low-key way. Consistently high standards in his Current Events work and participating well in class discussions.

Y9 Dean's Awards (Feb) — Image by: Donna Smith


We seem to have a growing list of gear (uniform, shoes, etc) that isn't making its way to lost property. According to students, most of it is named. Can I please ask students/parents to have a careful check through the washing this weekend to make sure your son hasn't picked up someone else's jersey/socks/shoes without realising it. 


This continues to be updated on a semi-regular basis. Please keep an eye on it as your 'place to start' for matters with Year 9.