McGlashan Football on the Map

Thursday 27th June 2024

Five years ago, we made a conscious decision to start putting McGlashan Football on the regional football map and turn heads while we do it.

We've done it! We've qualified for the National Premier tournament. The top 32 qualifying schools across the country will be represented at this tournament in Auckland in September.

It’s been a five year journey for us as a school and also for some of these players.  Back then, Josh George was a Year 9 student who we pulled into the 1st XI, for the latter part of that 2020 season and the regional tournament in Invercargill. We won that tournament that year.

Four years later, having outgrown the regional Invercargill/Dunedin tournament and coming 3rd in the top South Island tournament in 2023; we find ourselves in 2024 earning a place as one of the top 32 schools in the country.  This is no easy feat. 

Our success has come down to hard work, dedication and a team culture where our sense of brotherhood on the battlefield is second to none.  It is also commendable that we; a school of 380 Year 9-13 students, punch well above our weight in our sporting endeavours from football to hockey to rugby of late.

This football season is the first in a long where we have beaten Kings’ 1st XI and OBHS 1st XI in the same season.  Our qualification to the National Premier tournament is a first for 20 years or so as some have said.  

We are looking forward to the challenge of this tournament. It is one that could change the footballing trajectory for some of these footballers. National selectors will be there watching, turning their heads towards our quality players.

The pathway is set for a bright future for McGlashan football and we will keep turning heads as we do it.