Tuesday 28th June 2022

Please read on for important information below about how we manage and complete reference requests.

All Year 13s will need a reference: either for a hall, a scholarship, or later, a testimonial (character reference as a school leaver).Please complete the form (link below) to indicate what you are going to need and which teachers you would like to contribute. I need every Year 13 to complete this.


Most references are now online forms that we have to complete. Please don't ask teachers for individual written references, as largely, they are not needed.

I coordinate and manage the reference requests and submissions for NZ universities (so none are missed). Please put my name down as the school contact for any reference requests. I use the information that your teachers give you to write the best possible reference and submit it for you.

Rachael Gardiner


If you are applying to overseas universities, Mr Porter is the contact.

If you are applying for a hall, you will need a common confidential reference form completed (CCRF). This is an online database for universities and polytechnics. You can tag multiple universities that you might apply for and they log in to the database and access the online reference. Request a CCRF via the link below: