Monday 12th August 2019

Time to check back in with our three head prefects.

Head and Deputy Head Prefects for 2019
Head and Deputy Head Prefects for 2019

I believe it is too early yet to start looking back on the year in-depth, but with ten weeks remaining and our first snowfall coming in August it's an odd and scary time of the year. The year has been challenging with a learning curve or two thrown at me and mistake or five made. I'd hope from this experience I have learnt more than I would have if I were perfect. Nobody is perfect, and if they think they are, I would be worried. I believe it's better to make mistakes and admit to them, learn from them and move forward rather than never to put a foot wrong. This restricts your capability to create bold new decisions and take risks. So with what few weeks I have remaining, I have about a year's worth of things I'd like to do. In a perfect world, I'd get all of it done with time to spare. But the world is not perfect, and I'll be happy if I can get the school haka on the improve. Something that I have been working on since Year 9 when I first arrived. Fate is also on its way around. As are swimming sports. So I'd recommend to everyone to get stuck in, give it a go and she’ll be right. Test yourself and jump out of your comfort zone. For a large portion of us, there is not much time left to make our mark. Opportunity is always present here at McGlashan; you have to take it. Even in the midst of an imperfect world, we don’t know how lucky we are.
- Charles Keenan

So far, the year has been going really well. The school has a very good feel to it with everyone really focused and working hard to achieve their goals. I have been keeping busy trying to balance my academics, sports and prefect commitments while also trying to enjoy my last year at school and have some fun. In Term 1 of this year, I was busy with rowing and building up to Maadi cup. Term 2 and 3 have been jam-packed with basketball and rugby being two major sporting commitments. All year I have been working hard to try and achieve well academically, this will hopefully take some pressure off at the end of the year when we start to prepare for our exams. Recently I have also begun to apply for universities for next year, although I am still unsure about what I would like to study next year, so I am keeping other options open as well. For the rest of the term, I plan to focus on Basketball South Island Secondary School Champs now that the rugby season has finished. I also hope to keep doing well academically and achieve university entrance for next year. Although I cannot row for the school next season, I would like to still be involved with the John McGlashan Rowing community and help with some coaching where I can. I would also like to continue to give back to the school as much as possible through my prefect role
Will Edwards 

This year has gone by in a flash. This is a good thing, however, as it shows that it has been a successful year full of enjoyment. This has come from in the classroom, coaching teams such as the mighty eagle's basketball and enjoying sports such as rugby. To close the year, I want to continue having fun but also getting work done. This involves studying for exams and helping out around the school
George Bell