Senior Examinations - Volunteer Support Request

Thursday 8th September 2022

The students at McGlashan are so very lucky to be part of a 'village' that comes together to ensure that they have the greatest opportunity for success.

The senior school has entered preparation mode for the practice external examinations that will take place in Week 9; 19-23 September. These examinations are essential in giving students the opportunity to practice their skills and knowledge in an authentic setting and to receive feedback to assist in their preparation for the end-of-year NCEA examinations.

We have a number of students in our senior classes that we support with Special Assessment Conditions which are endorsed by NZQA. The conditions can be access to a reader or writer, the ability to use a computer, or extra time for these assessments.

To allow students to have the same conditions in the practice examinations as they will at the end of the year, we are seeking volunteers to act as readers and/or writers or in a supervisory role. Previous volunteers have spoken enthusiastically of this experience and of how rewarding this role is. If you are interested, training and further explanation will be provided.

The exams will be held in two sessions each day, each session lasting up to three hours:
Morning 9am - 12pm
Afternoon 1pm - 4pm

We currently have over 40 requests to accommodate and are looking for volunteers from our community who might be able to support our students. Each year at this time I send out this request and am always heartened by the response of our community. I am aware that not all students have access to such support and I thank you in advance, on the boy's behalf, for your willingness to support them.

If you are able to provide any assistance, that would be greatly appreciated. Please complete the following FORM as soon as possible.

If you know of other people in the community, who may be able and willing to help, I would also greatly appreciate hearing from them.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any further questions.

Donna Smith
HoD Learning Support