Year 9 Otago Peninsula Field Trip

Friday 25th February 2022

Year 9 annual trip to the Otago Peninsula and the University of Otago Marine Centre, Portobello Monday 21st February and Tuesday 22nd February.

After some uncertainty about whether we would be able to go on our annual trip to the Otago Peninsula in these challenging times, we were able to secure a booking to the University of Otago Marine Centre at Portobello for Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Otago Peninsula. The trip took place over two days: 9NSM and 9DOS Monday 21st February and DSM and CBD Tuesday 22nd February.

The trip consisted of studying several different aspects of the peninsula, from looking at geology around the lime kilns, the diversity of bird life and food chains around Hooper’s inlet to visiting to the Marine Studies Centre at Portobello. At the Centre they took part in a shore survey and investigated molluscs in the aquarium, including some hands on sessions.

Yet again the Year 9 students were a credit to the school on a EOTC outing. Many thanks to the staff at the Marine Centre and the John McGlashan staff that organised the trip.